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vxadddevtype - add a new PdDvLn device type to VxVM


vxadddevtype [ -N ] device_type_string


The vxadddevtype command is used to add a new PdDvLn (predefined device link) device type to the ODM database.

By default, VxVM looks for devices whose PdDvLn attribute in CuDv (customized device) is one of disk/fcp/*, disk/fdar/*, disk/scsi/* or disk/ssar/*. Running the vxadddevtype command allows VxVM to discover types of devices other than these.

Specify the -N flag if a device does not support the SCSI passthrough mechanism. Such devices are put in the OTHER_DISKS category of DMP (the VxVM dynamic multipathing driver), and are not multipathed.


If the PdDvLn attribute for a particular class of devices is disk/abc/*, the following command adds it to the ODM so that VxVM can recognize it:

vxadddevtype abc

To verify that the abc device type has been added to the ODM database, use the following command:

odmget -q "name=VeritasVolumes AND attribute=PdDvLn_devtype \

AND value=abc" CuAt

If successful, this displays the entry for the device type string, abc, in the ODM database.

To remove a definition from the ODM database that you previously added using vxadddevtype, use the odmdelete command.

In this example, the odmdelete command is used to undo the action of the earlier vxadddevtype command.

odmdelete -o CuAt -q "name=VeritasVolumes AND \

attribute=PdDvLn_devtype AND value=abc"

After running this command, VxVM can no longer discover the abc class of devices.

  Note    To make this change persistent across reboots, run the savebase command after running odmdelete.


Do not use the vxadddevtype command to add the PdDvLn types, fcp, fdar, scsi and ssar, to the ODM. VxVM discovers these devices automatically.


odmget(1M), odmdelete(1M), savebase(1M)

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