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Example of determining a file system's type

The following example uses the fstyp command to determine a the file system type of the /dev/vx/dsk/fsvol/vol1 device.

 To determine the file system's type

# fstyp -v /dev/vx/dsk/fsvol/vol1

The output indicates that the file system type is vxfs, and displays file system information similar to the following:

version: 6
f_bsize: 8192
f_frsize: 1024
f_blocks: 1027432
f_bfree: 1026075
f_bavail: 961946
f_files: 256548
f_ffree: 256516
f_favail: 256516
f_fsid: 520114176

f_basetype: vxfs
f_namemax: 254
f_magic: a501fcf5
f_featurebits: 0

f_flag: 0

f_fsindex: 7

f_size: 4194304