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Volume availability

MVS guarantees the availability of some volumes even when others are unavailable. This allows you to mount a multi-volume file system even if one or more component dataonly volumes are missing.

The volumes are separated by whether metadata is allowed on the volume. An
I/O error on a dataonly volume does not affect access to any other volumes. All VxFS operations that do not access the missing dataonly volume function normally, including:

Some operations that could fail if a dataonly volume is missing include:

Volume availability is supported only on a file system with disk layout Version 7 or later.

  Note   Do not mount a multi-volume system with the ioerror=disable or ioerror=wdisable mount options if the volumes have different availability properties. Symantec recommends the ioerror=mdisable mount option for cluster mounts and ioerror=mwdisable for local mounts.