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Upgrading VxFS disk layout versions

Veritas File System 5.0 allows Version 4, 5, 6 and 7 for locally mounted file systems and disk layout Versions 6 and 7 for cluster mounted file systems. If you have cluster mounted file systems with disk layout Versions lower than 6, then after upgrading to VxFS 5.0. Perform the following additional steps to prepare the file system for being mounted on all nodes of the cluster:

  Note   Disk layout Versions 1, 2, and 3 are not supported by VxFS 5.0. All file systems created on VxFS 5.0 use disk layout Version 7 by default.

See the Veritas File System Administrator's Guide.

  1. Select one of the nodes of the cluster and mount the file system locally on this node. Use the mount, but without the -o cluster option. For example:

# mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/sharedg/vol1 /mnt1

  1. To find the current disk layout version on a file system:

    # fstyp -v <char_device_path> | grep version | \

awk '{print $2}'

  1. On the node selected in step 1, incrementally upgrade the disk layout of this file system to layout Version 6 or 7. For example, if you had a cluster mounted file system of disk layout Version 4 running with previous version of VxFS, after upgrading to VxFS 5.0, you would need to upgrade the disk layout to Version 6 or 7. The incrementally upgrade is as follows:

    # vxupgrade -n 5 /mnt1

    # vxupgrade -n 6 /mnt1

    # vxupgrade -n 7 /mnt1

  2. On the node selected in step 1, after the disk layout has been successfully upgraded, unmount the file system:

    # umount /mnt1

  3. This file system can be mounted on all nodes of the cluster.