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Changing the VVR tunables using SAM

Several VVR parameters can be tuned by using the System Administration Utility (SAM). For an explanation of VVR tunables, see the Veritas Volume Replicator Planning and Tuning Guide. To change the value of tunables persistently use the SAM utility. Note that the changes to the tunables will be effected only after the system has been rebooted.

 To change the value of a tunable

  1. Type sam to bring up the SAM interface.
  2. Use the Tab key to move the control to the SAM areas display.
  3. Select the Kernel Configuration area to display a list of options from which you must select Configurable Parameters.
  4. Scroll to the required parameter and select it. Use the Modify Configurable Parameter from the Actions option to modify the parameter as follows:


    The change will take effect only after the next system reboot.

Example 1:

To change to the modifiable tunables by using the SAM utility choose the Configurable Parameters option from Kernel Configuration.

After modifying the tunables, rebuild the kernel and reboot the system.