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Traditional snapshot feature

The traditional snapshot feature of VVR enables you to create snapshots of all the data volumes in an RVG at a single point in time, by breaking off the volume plexes. You can create snapshots when the volume plexes are completely synchronized with the data volume.

This method requires you to create and attach the appropriate snapshot plexes that are the same size as the original volumes, before taking the snapshot. For more information on creating the plexes, refer to the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide.

After creating and attaching the snapshot plexes, they must be synchronized with the data volume. The time required for synchronizing the plexes in the beginning is directly proportional to the size of the volume. Thus, depending on the size of the volume it may take a long time before the plexes are ready to be used.

When the plexes are synchronized, you can then create snapshots after freezing replication using the IBC commands or after pausing replication.

For more information on traditional snapshots, refer to the section Using the traditional snapshot feature.