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Displaying extended replication statistics

You can use the vxrlink stats command with the -e option to generate extended statistics, in addition to the statistics generated by the vxrlink stats command. The output generated by this command can be useful in assessing the reason for failure at the time it occurred.

The vxrlink stats -e command can be executed repeatedly at given intervals using the -i interval option. In this case, the displayed values indicate the change since the last interval. The vxrlink stats -e command can be executed from the Primary as well as the Secondary. The RLINK statistics are reset when the RLINK disconnects.

For detailed information about the available options, refer to the vxrlink manual page.

The output of the vxrlink stats -e command is displayed under the headings Messages and Errors. Each of these headings has the appropriate fields to display the required information. The first is the Messages heading which displays the following information:

The Messages heading is followed by the Errors heading. It has nine fields that display the different kinds of error encountered, three of which are similar to that in the vxrlink stats command. The output includes the following details: