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Secondary SRL volume error cleanup and recovery

The Secondary SRL is used only during atomic recovery of an RLINK and when an IBC is active. If I/O errors occur during recovery of the Secondary SRL, the recovery fails, the SRL volume is automatically detached, and the RLINK is forced to the pause state. Manual intervention is required to repair the physical problem, reattach the SRL, and resume the RLINK. Upon resumption, an automatic recovery of the RVG is retried and if it succeeds, update activity can continue. The only problem occurs if the Primary SRL overflows before the repair is complete, in which case a full synchronization is required.

If an error occurs in the data portion of the SRL, the RLINK is forced to the pause state with the secondary_paused flag set. The SRL is not dissociated.

If an error occurs in the SRL header, the Secondary RVG is forced to the fail state and the SRL is dissociated.

On the Secondary (london):

  1. Dissociate the SRL, fix it, and then re-associate it. The dissociation and re-association is necessary even if the problem can be fixed by repairing the underlying subdisks because this sequence initializes the SRL header.

    # vxvol -g hrdg dis hr_srl

    Fix or replace the SRL. Be sure the SRL is started before associating it:

    # vxvol -g hrdg start hr_srl

# vxvol -g hrdg aslog hr_rvg hr_srl

  1. Run the RLINK resume operation to clear the secondary_log_err flag.

    # vxrlink -g hrdg resume rlk_seattle_hr_rvg