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Creating a shared disk group

Shared disk groups can only be created on the master node.

If the cluster software has been run to set up the cluster, a shared disk group can be created using the following command:

# vxdg -s init diskgroup [diskname=]devicename

where diskgroup is the disk group name, diskname is the administrative name chosen for a VM disk, and devicename is the device name (or disk access name).

Warning: The operating system cannot tell if a disk is shared. To protect data integrity when dealing with disks that can be accessed by multiple systems, use the correct designation when adding a disk to a disk group. VxVM allows you to add a disk that is not physically shared to a shared disk group if the node where the disk is accessible is the only node in the cluster. However, this means that other nodes cannot join the cluster. Furthermore, if you attempt to add the same disk to different disk groups (private or shared) on two nodes at the same time, the results are undefined. Perform all configuration on one node only, and preferably on the master node.