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Disks under VxVM control

When you add a disk to a system that is running VxVM, you need to put the disk under VxVM control so that VxVM can control the space allocation on the disk. Unless you specify a disk group, VxVM places new disks in a default disk group according to the rules for determining the default disk group.

See "Rules for determining the default disk group" on page 161.

The method by which you place a disk under VxVM control depends on the following circumstances:

It is possible to configure the vxdiskadm utility not to list certain disks or controllers as being available. For example, this may be useful in a SAN environment where disk enclosures are visible to a number of separate systems.

To exclude a device from the view of VxVM, select item 17 (Prevent multipathing/Suppress devices from VxVM's view) from the vxdiskadm main menu.

See "Disabling multipathing and making devices invisible to VxVM" on page 129.