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Adding swap disks to a VxVM rootable system

 To increase the amount of swap space for an HP-UX system with a VxVM root disk

  1. Create a new volume that is to be used for the swap area. The following example shows how to set up a non-mirrored 1GB simple volume:

    # vxassist -g bootdg make swapvol2 1g

  2. Add the new volume as a swap device to the /etc/fstab file as shown in this sample entry:

    /dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/swapvol2 / swap pri=1 0 0

  3. Use the System Administration Manager (SAM) to increase the value of the maxswapchunks tunable as required by the swapon command. For example, if you double the amount of swap space, double the value of maxswapchunks.
  4. Build a new kernel and reboot the system:

    # mk_kernel -v -o /stand/vmunix

    # kmupdate

    # reboot -r