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fsdbencap - database encapsulation utility




fsdbencap application_type filename volname size


The fsdbencap utility encapsulates a raw volume containing database table space into a file. The command may shift the entire database table space residing in the raw volume to a place in the encapsulated file where the database expects it. Note that such a shift does not alter contents of the table space and is necessary only in cases where the table space does not start at the beginning of the raw volume.

application_type specifies the application that created the database. Specify oracle if the application is Oracle. Specify other if the application is not Oracle.

filename specifies the file that will be created by encapsulation. For example, /database/encapfile.

volname specifies the raw volume to be encapsulated.

By default, size is specified in units of disk blocks (DEV_BSIZE bytes). However, you can append k, K, m, M, g, G, t, or T to the number to indicate that the value is in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes, respectively.


/dev/vx/dsk/dbdg/dbvolset is a volume set that is mounted on /database. Volume /dev/vx/dsk/dbdg/dbvol of size 10 gigabytes containing oracle table space is added to the volume set with the vxvset command some time after the file system was created. The following command will encapsulate the new volume into a file named /database/dbfile:

fsdbencap oracle /database/dbfile dbvol 10g


fsvoladm(1M), vxvset(1M)

Veritas File System Administrator's Guide