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vxenablef - enable specific VxFS features


vxenablef [-a ]

vxenablef [-e online | dmapi | full ]




vxenablef enables DMAPI, HP_OnLineJFS, or full VxFS functionality in the HP-UX kernel. Features having a valid license become available without rebuilding a new kernel and rebooting the system.

If no argument is specified, vxenablef displays the available licensed features enabled in the kernel.

Cluster File System Issues

No cluster issues; command operates the same on cluster file systems.


vxenablef enables various VxFS licensable features after entering a valid license key. vxenablef is typically run by the system, not from the command line.

You must be a privileged user to run vxenablef.



Scans for license keys for HP-installed products such as HP_OnLineJFS and products dependent on DMAPI (Data Management Applications Programming Interface) and enables them.

You need not specify the -a option if you specified the -e option.

-e online | dmapi | full

Enables HP_OnLineJFS, DMAPI, or all licensed VxFS features.

The online argument enables HP_OnLineJFS functionality in the kernel if the system is licensed for HP_OnLineJFS. HP_OnLineJFS includes DMAPI.

The dmapi argument enables DMAPI (Data Management Applications Programming Interface) functionality in the kernel if the system is licensed for DMAPI. DMAPI is also part of HP_OnLineJFS, but this option enables DMAPI without HP_OnLineJFS.

The full argument enables all features, including Veritas Quick I/O, if the features are licensed with a valid Symantec license key. This in not an option for HP-UX/HP_OnLineJFS users.


vxlicrep(1), vxlicinst(1M)