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vxdmpinq - display SCSI inquiry data


/etc/vx/diag.d/vxdmpinq [-dh] [-e evpd_value] [-p page_code] device_name


The vxdmpinq utility returns SCSI inquiry data for the specified raw disk device specified by its full pathname (for example, /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0 or /dev/vx/rdmp/c0t0d0). The returned vendor and product identification values can be used with the vxdiskadm, vxdmpadm and vxinstall commands.



Returns detailed inquiry data.

-e evpd_value

Specifies the value of the enable vital product data (EVPD) bit to be used with the SCSI inquiry command (possible values are 0 or 1, default value is 0).


Prints a help message on the usage of the command.

-p page_code

Specifies the page code to be used with the SCSI inquiry command (default value is 0). The page code field specifies which page of vial product data should be returned if evpd_value is set to 1. The value of page_code must be set to 0 if the value of evpd_value is set to 0.


vxdiskadm(1M), vxdmpadm(1M), vxinstall(1M)