If the type definition of type "Foo" is:

<agent name="Foo" version="1.0" bundled="False">


<IntAttr type="int" dimension="scalar">



<StringAttr type="str" dimension="scalar">



<VectorAttr type="str" dimension="vector">



<AssocAttr type="str" dimension="assoc">




<attributes class=static>

<ArgList type="str" dimension="vector">










And the resource is defined in the configuration file main.xml as:


<Foo name="Bar">













<val key="disk1">1024</val>

<val key="disk2">512</val>




The online script for Bar is invoked as:

	online Bar IntAttr 1 100 StringAttr 1 Oracle 
VectorAttr 3 vol1

vol2 vol3 AssocAttr 4 disk1 1024 disk2 512