Attributes for AIX

Required attributes for AIX

Required attribute



Name of the NIC that you want to monitor. 

Use the lsdev command to check for all available network adapters. 

Type and dimension: string-scalar 

Example: en0 

Example: "en0" 

Optional attributes for AIX

Optional attribute



List of hosts on the network that are pinged to determine if the network connection is alive. Enter the IP address of the host, instead of the HostName, to prevent the monitor from timing out. DNS causes the ping to hang. If more than one network host is listed, the monitor returns ONLINE if at least one of the hosts is alive.  

If you do not specify network hosts, the monitor tests the NIC by sending pings to the broadcast address on the NIC. 

Type and dimension: string-vector 

Example: , 

Example: "" , "" 


Number of monitor cycles to detect if configured interface is inactive. Use PingOptimize when when you have not specified network hosts. 

A value of 1 optimizes broadcast pings and requires two monitor cycles. 

A value of 0 performs a broadcast ping during each monitor cycle and detects the inactive interface within the cycle. 

Type and dimension: integer-scalar 

Default: 1 

Default: "1" 


Type of network 

Type and Dimension: string-scalar 

Example: ether 

Example: "ether"