DiskReservation agent

Reserves and monitors SCSI disks for a system, enabling a resource to go online on that system. This agent enables you to specify a list of raw disk devices, and reserve all or a percentage of accessible disks. The reservations prevent disk data corruption by restricting other nodes from accessing and writing to the disks. The DiskReservation agent supports all SCSI-II compliant disks.

An automatic probing feature allows systems to maintain reservations even when the disks or bus are reset. The optional FailFast feature minimizes data corruption in the event of a reservation conflict by causing the system to panic.

The DiskReservation agent is not supported with dynamic multipathing software, such as Veritas DMP.

The DiskReservation agent is supported on Solaris 2.7 and above.

Note   The MonitorTimeout attribute's setting of 60 is adequate for up to three disks. When configuring the MonitorTimeout attribute for more than three disks, use the following formula:
Set MonitorTimeout to be equal or greater than 15 times the total number of disks. (MonitorTimeout >= 15 * Number of disks).
For example, if you have eight disks, MonitorTimeout is 120 or greater.