Modifying the maximum heap size for VRTSweb

The default maximum allowed heap size for the VRTSWeb Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is 256MB. You may need to modify this limit for large configurations or for when a large number of consoles share the same VRTSweb instance.

You can modify the maximum heap size only from the command line.

To modify the maximum heap size

  1. Type the following command:

    # $VRTSWEB_HOME/bin/webgui maxheap new_size_in_MB

    For example:

    # /opt/VRTSweb/bin/webgui maxheap 512

  2. Restart the Web server after specifying a new limit.

# $VRTSWEB_HOME/bin/webgui restart

  1. View the current limit.

    # $VRTSWEB_HOME/bin/webgui maxheap