Which agents should I use?

This information in the table enables you to decide which agent to use depending on the resource you want to make highly available.

VCS bundled agents

Resource to monitor or make highly available

Agents to use

Shared storage 


  • Disk groups and volumes
  • DiskGroup, Volume
  • Disk groups, mount points, and volumes
  • DiskGroup, Mount, Volume
  • SCSI disks and volumes on Linux
  • DiskReservation, Volume


  • DiskReservation, Mount, Volume
  • Volume groups managed using LVM on AIX
  • Volume groups and logical volumes managed using LVM on Linux
  • LVMVolumeGroup and LVMLogicalVolume
  • Volume groups and logical volumes managed using LVM on HP-UX
  • LVMVolumeGroup and LVMLogicalVolume


  • LVMCombo
  • Disk groups and volumes in a SAN, managed using Storage Foundation Volume Server

    (Solaris and Linux)

  • DiskGroup and SANVolume



  • IP address on a single adapter
  • IP and NIC
  • IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems

    (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris)

  • IPMultiNIC and MultiNICA
  • IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems

    (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)

  • IPMultiNICB and MultiNICB
  • Canonical name (CNAME) mapping on a DNS server
  • DNS

File shares 


  • NFS shares
  • Share, NFS, NFSRestart
  • Samba shares


  • Samba suite: SambaServer, SambaShare, NetBIOS
  • Apache Web server
  • Apache
  • Application
  • Application
  • Process
  • Process



  • Solaris 10 zone
  • Zone

VCS infrastructure and support  


  • VCS notifier
  • NotifierMgr
  • Application run using Veritas Web Server
  • VRTSWebApp
  • VCS resource in another service group
  • Proxy
  • Service group in another cluster
  • RemoteGroup