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Low Latency Transport configuration files

The following files are required by the VCS communication services for Low Latency Transport (LLT).


The file llthosts(4) is a database, containing one entry per system, that links the LLT system ID (in the first column) with the LLT host name. This file is identical on each system in the cluster.

For example, the file /etc/llthosts contains entries that resemble:

0 system01

1 system02


The file llttab(4) contains information that is derived during installation and used by the utility lltconfig(1M). After installation, this file lists the network links that correspond to the specific system.

For example, the file /etc/llttab contains entries that resemble:

set-node system01

set-cluster 100

link lan1 lan:1 - ether - -

link lan2 lan:2 - ether - -

The first line identifies the local system name. The second line identifies the cluster (that is, the cluster ID you entered during installation). The next two lines, beginning with the link command, identify the two network cards used by the LLT protocol.

See the llttab(4) manual page.

The manual page describes the ordering of the directives in the llttab file.