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Product licensing

Product keys are available on the License Key certificate. The certificate also includes the number of product licenses purchased. A single key enables product installation on the number and the type of systems for which you purchased the license. A key may enable the operation of more products than specified on the certificate, but you are legally limited to the number of product licenses purchased.

The VRTSvlic package executes Veritas product licensing. The following commands and their manual pages are available on the system after VRTSvlic is installed:

vxlicinst   installs a license key for a Veritas product

vxlicrep     displays currently installed licenses

vxlictest   retrieves features and their descriptions encoded in a license key

If you encounter problems while licensing your product, visit the Veritas licensing support website at

Veritas products are installed under the /opt directory on the specified host systems. Verify that the directory /opt exists and has write permissions for root before starting the installation procedure. Do not make /opt a VxFS file system.