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Removing a node from a cluster

This section describes how to remove a node from a cluster. As in previous examples, the following removes the system system03 from a three-node cluster. The procedure can be done from any node remaining in the cluster or from a remote host.

 To remove a node from a cluster

  1. Log in as superuser on a node other than system03.
  2. Stop all the cluster components:

# cfscluster stop -f system03

  1. Open the VCS configuration for writing:

# haconf -makerw

  1. Remove system03 from the system list attribute of the CVM and SFCFS service groups:

# hagrp -modify service_group SystemList -delete system03

# hagrp -modify cvm SystemListf -delete system03

where service_group is the command that displays the service groups by hagrp -dep cvm.

If an error message similar to the following is displayed by either of the above commands:

VCS:10456:Configuration must be ReadWrite. ('hagrp

-modify ...


Repeat step 3 and the command that failed in step 4.

  1. Write the new VCS configuration to disk:

# haconf -dump -makero

  1. Edit /etc/llthosts on the remaining nodes of the cluster, and remove the entry corresponding to the node being removed.
  2. Edit /etc/gabtab on the remaining nodes of the cluster and edit the gabconfig command to reflect the correct and new number of nodes in the cluster.
  3. Login to system03 and remove the following files:

    # rm /etc/vxfenmode

# rm /etc/llthosts

# rm /etc/llttab

# rm /etc/gabtab

  1. If fencing was enabled on the cluster, run the following commands:

    # rm /etc/vxfentab

    # rm /etc/vxfendg

  1. Reboot system03:

    # /sbin/shutdown -r

  2. Change to the install directory:

# cd /opt/VRTS/install

  1. From the scripts directory, run the uninstallsfcfs script and remove SFCFS on system03:

    # ./uninstallsfcfs

    If you do not want to remove the Veritas Cluster Server software, enter n when prompted to uninstall VCS.

    See the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide, on the software disc.