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High availability issues

Network partition/jeopardy

Network partition (or split brain) is a condition where a network failure can be misinterpreted as a failure of one or more nodes in a cluster. If one system in the cluster incorrectly assumes that another system failed, it may restart applications already running on the other system, thereby corrupting data. CFS tries to prevent this by having redundant heartbeat links.

At least one link must be active to maintain the integrity of the cluster. If all the links go down, after the last network link is broken, the node can no longer communicate with other nodes in the cluster. Thus the cluster is in one of two possible states. Either the last network link is broken (called a network partition condition), or the last network link is okay, but the node crashed, in which case it is not a network partition problem. It is not possible to identify whether it is the first or second state, so a kernel message is issued to indicate that a network partition may exist and there is a possibility of data corruption.

Jeopardy is a condition where a node in the cluster has a problem connecting to other nodes. In this situation, the link or disk heartbeat may be down, so a jeopardy warning may be displayed. Specifically, this message appears when a node has only one remaining link to the cluster and that link is a network link. This is considered a critical event because the node may lose its only remaining connection to the network.

  Caution   Do not remove the communication links while shared storage is still connected.

Low memory

Under heavy loads, software that manages heartbeat communication links may not be able to allocate kernel memory. If this occurs, a node halts to avoid any chance of network partitioning. Reduce the load on the node if this happens frequently.

A similar situation may occur if the values in the /etc/llttab files on all cluster nodes are not correct or identical.