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Upgrading remaining nodes (phased only)

 To upgrade remaining nodes

  1. Log in as superuser.
  2. Insert the appropriate media disc per your distribution and architecture into your system's DVD-ROM drive.
  3. Change to the storage_foundation_cluster_file_system directory:

    # cd /mnt/cdrom/storage_foundation_cluster_file_system

  4. Install SFCFS on the remaining nodes. Type:

    # ./installsfcfs system03 system04

    When upgrading the remaining nodes, you may be prompted that Cluster Server should have been running during the initial upgrade.

  5. Press y to continue and follow all the prompts.
  6. system03system04Check cluster status. Type:

    # hastatus -summary

  7. If you are configuring SFCFS for a fenced environment.

    See the Veritas Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.

    See the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System Administrator's Guide.

  8. Verify the cluster protocol version, enter the following command that displays the same on a running node:

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl protocolversion

    If the cluster protocol version is less than 70, then it needs to be upgraded to 70 for SFCFS 5.0.

      Note   The cluster protocol version can only be updated on the master node.

    One can upgrade the entire cluster using the following command on the master node.

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl upgrade

  9. Type the following command on one upgraded node to enable membership:

    # gabconfig -xc