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Sending and processing an IBC message using a single command

The vxibc regsend command performs the following operations in a single step:

The vxibc regrecv command must be started on the Secondary host before
the IBC message sent from the Primary host gets invalidated due to a delivery timeout on the Secondary. This can also be done by first executing the vxibc regsend command on the Primary, followed by the vxibc regrecv command on the Secondary within the delivery time-out period which is by default 600 seconds. Otherwise, the IBC message is discarded on the Secondary because there is no corresponding registered application name.

To send and process an IBC message in a single step:

# vxibc [-g diskgroup] [-D deliver_timeout] \

[-N | -F freeze_timeout] [-f filename | -m message] \

regsend application_name rvg_name [rlink_name...]

The vxibc regrecv command must be issued before the IBC message delivery times out at the Secondary. Typically, this command is issued before the IBC is sent from the Primary.