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Administering the SRL

The size of the SRL is critical to the performance of replication. When the SRL overflows for a particular Secondary, the Secondary becomes out of date until a complete resynchronization with the Primary is performed. Because resynchronization is a time-consuming process and during this time the data on the Secondary cannot be used, it is important to prevent the SRL from overflowing. Hence, when initially configuring VVR, determine an appropriate size for the SRL. The maximum size of the SRL can be derived from various criteria, however, the size of the SRL volume cannot be less than
110 MB. If the size that you have specified for the SRL is less than 110MB, VVR displays a message that prompts you to specify a value that is equal to or greater than 110 MB. For more information, refer to "Sizing the SRL" in the Veritas Volume Replicator Planning and Tuning Guide.

It is possible that an SRL of an appropriate size overflows because of changes in the environment. This section describes how to protect from SRL overflows and administer VVR if the SRL overflows.