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Updating the Secondary from the bunker

When disaster strikes and the Primary goes down, the Secondary can be updated using the bunker.

  Note   If the Primary SRL has overflowed for a Secondary, or if the Secondary is inconsistent because it is resynchronizing, you cannot use the corresponding bunker SRL to recover the Secondary. Because the bunker does not have data volumes, it cannot use DCM to track overflows.

  1. If replication to the bunker SRL was using the STORAGE protocol, import the disk group containing the bunker SRL onto the bunker node and then recover it using either the Veritas Volume Manager CLI or the Veritas Volume Manager GUI. For instructions, see the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide or the Veritas Volume Manager Online Help.
  2. Activate the bunker using the Activate Bunker task. For detailed instructions, see Activating a bunker in an RDS.
  3. Start replication to the Secondary from the bunker using the Start Replication task. For detailed instructions, see Synchronizing the Secondary and starting replication.

    If you have more than one Secondary using this bunker, repeat the Start Replication task for each Secondary.

  4. Monitor the status of the replication from bunker to Secondary using the RDS view.
  5. When the Secondary is up-to-date, stop replication to the Secondary. See Stopping replication to a Secondary.

      Note   Deactivate the bunker only after all the replays from the bunker have been stopped.

  6. After the bunker has been used to transfer data to the secondary and is not needed any more, deactivate the bunker using the Deactivate Bunker task. For detailed instructions, see Deactivating a bunker.

    The Secondary is now up-to-date and can take over as Primary. For details, see Taking over from an original Primary.