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Determining the network bandwidth being used by VVR

Use the vrstat command to determine the network bandwidth being used by VVR.

 To view the network bandwidth currently being used by VVR

# vrstat -R local_rvgname

The argument local_rvgname is the name of the RVG on the local host and is optional. The local RVG name represents its RDS.

If you specify the local_rvgname name, the vrstat -R command displays the information about the RLINKs for the specified RVG. Otherwise, the command displays the information for all the RLINKs for all the RDSs.


To view the network bandwidth used by the RDS hr_rvg between the Primary seattle and the Secondary london, issue the following command on any host in the RDS:

# vrstat -R hr_rvg

The output resembles:

Replicated Data Set hr_rvg:

Data Status:

london: DCM contains 1157888 Kbytes.

Network Statistics:

Messages Errors Flow Control

-------- ------ ------------

# Blocks RT(msec) Timeout Stream Memory Delays NW Bytes NW Delay Timeout

seattle - london

356 182272 6 1 0 0 280 271000 1 10

339 0 15 0 0 0 0 100000 1 20

Bandwidth Utilization 72908 Kbps.