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Starting replication when the data volumes are zero initialized

Use the option -f with the vradmin startrep command to start replication when the Primary and Secondary data volumes are zero initialized. The vradmin startrep command can be issued from any host in an RDS.

To start replication to a Secondary in an RDS when the data volumes are zero initialized:

# vradmin -g diskgroup -f startrep local_rvgname sec_hostname

The argument local_rvgname is the name of the RVG on the local host and represents its RDS.

The argument sec_hostname is the name of the Secondary host as displayed in the output of the vradmin printrvg command. If the RDS contains only one Secondary, the sec_hostname is optional.


To start replication from the Primary RVG hr_rvg on seattle to the Secondary RVG on host london when the data volumes are zero initialized, issue the following command from any host in the RDS:

# vradmin -g hrdg -f startrep hr_rvg london