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Example 1—Taking over from an original Primary

In this example the Primary host seattle has failed. This example explains how to take over from the original Primary host seattle to the Secondary host london. The Secondary host london is converted to the new Primary. The disk group name is hrdg.

To take over from the Primary seattle to Secondary RVG hr_rvg on host london:

  1. Make sure that the Secondary is consistent by using the following command to check that the consistent flag is set:

    # vxprint -l rlink_name

  2. Make sure that the data volumes on the Secondary have associated DCMs.

    # vxprint -g hrdg -ht hr_rvg

  3. Make the Secondary RVG hr_rvg the new Primary RVG by typing the following command on the Secondary london:

    # vradmin -g hrdg takeover hr_rvg

    The vradmin takeover command enables fast failback.

  4. Verify whether fast failback is enabled by typing the following command on the Secondary london:

    # vxprint -l rlink_name

    If fast failback is enabled, the dcm_logging flag is set.

  5. Start the application on the new Primary london. Starting the applications on the new Primary after a takeover may require an application recovery to be run.