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Primary SRL volume error at reboot

If the Primary SRL has an error during reboot, there is a possibility that the disks or arrays containing the SRL have not yet come online. Because of this, instead of placing the RVG in PASSTHRU mode, VVR does not recover the RVG. When the SRL becomes available, issue the following commands to recover the RVG and the RLINK:

# vxrvg -g diskgroup recover rvg_name
# vxrlink -g diskgroup recover rlink_name

After this error has occurred and you have successfully recovered the RVG, if you dissociate a volume from the RVG, you may see the following message:

Because there could be outstanding writes in the SRL, the data volume being dissociated should be considedred out-of-date and inconsistent

You can ignore this message.

If the SRL is permanently lost, create a new SRL as described in Recovering from SRL header error. In this case, it is possible that writes that had succeeded on the old SRL and acknowledged to the application, were not yet flushed to the data volumes and are now lost. Consequently, you must restore the data volumes from backup before proceeding. Because this causes the data volumes to be completely rewritten, it is recommended that you detach the RLINKs and synchronize them after the restore operation is complete.