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Recovering from a loss of site connectivity

If the network links between the sites are disrupted, the application environments may continue to run in parallel, and this may lead to inconsistencies between the disk group configuration copies at the sites. When connectivity between the sites is restored, a serial split-brain condition may then exist between the sites. One site must be chosen as having the preferred version of the disk group configuration copies. The configuration copies at the other sites can then be updated from these copies.

Use the following commands to reattach a site and recover the disk group:

# vxdg -g diskgroup -o overridessb reattachsite sitename

# vxrecover -g diskgroup

In the case that the host systems are configured at a single site with only storage at the remote sites, the usual resynchronization mechanism of VxVM is used to recover the remote plexes when the storage comes back on line.