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Configuring site-based allocation on a disk group

To turn on the site-based allocation requirement for a site that is registered to a disk group, use the vxdg addsite command for each site at which site-based allocation is required:

# vxdg -g diskgroup [-f] addsite sitename

Each volume on which the allsites attribute is set to on is checked to ensure that it has at least one plex at each site, and the command fails if this condition is not met. If the -f option is specified, the command does not fail, but instead it sets the allsites attribute for the volume to off.

Provided that the Site Awareness license is installed on all the hosts in the Remote Mirror configuration, a volume is automatically mirrored across sites and its read policy is set to siteread when it is created. If site-based allocation is not required, or is not possible (as is the case for RAID-5 volumes), specify the allsites=off attribute to the vxassist command.

To remove the site-based allocation requirement from a site, use this command:

# vxdg -g diskgroup [-f] rmsite sitename

The -f option allows the requirement to be removed if the site is detached or offline.

The site name is not removed from the disks. If required, use the vxdisk rmtag command to remove the site tag.

See "Configuring sites for hosts and disks" on page 436.