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Importing disk groups as shared

Shared disk groups can only be imported on the master node.

Disk groups can be imported as shared using the vxdg -s import command. If the disk groups are set up before the cluster software is run, the disk groups can be imported into the cluster arrangement using the following command:

# vxdg -s import diskgroup

where diskgroup is the disk group name or ID. On subsequent cluster restarts, the disk group is automatically imported as shared. Note that it can be necessary to deport the disk group (using the vxdg deport diskgroup command) before invoking the vxdg utility.

Forcibly importing a disk group

You can use the -f option to the vxdg command to import a disk group forcibly.

Warning: The force option(-f) must be used with caution and only if you are fully aware of the consequences such as possible data corruption.

When a cluster is restarted, VxVM can refuse to auto-import a disk group for one of the following reasons: