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Enabling multipathing and making devices visible to VxVM

 To enable multipathing and make devices visible to VxVM

Warning: A reboot of the system may be required.
  1. Run the vxdiskadm command, and select menu option 18 (Allow multipathing/Unsuppress devices from VxVM's view) from the vxdiskadm main menu to re-enable multipathing for a device, or to make a device visible to VxVM again. You are prompted to confirm whether you want to continue.
  2. Select the operation you want to perform from the displayed list:

    1 Unsuppress all paths through a controller from VxVM's view

    2 Unsuppress a path from VxVM's view

    3 Unsuppress disks from VxVM's view by specifying a VID:PID


    4 Remove a pathgroup definition

    5 Allow multipathing of all disks on a controller by VxVM

    6 Allow multipathing of a disk by VxVM

    7 Allow multipathing of disks by specifying a VID:PID


    8 List currently suppressed/non-multipathed devices

    ? Display help about menu

    ?? Display help about the menuing system

    q Exit from menus

    The numbered options have the following actions:

    Option 1 

    Makes all paths through a specified controller visible to VxVM. 

    Option 2 

    Makes specified paths visible to VxVM. 

    Option 3 

    Makes disks visible to VxVM that match a specified Vendor ID and Product ID. 

    Option 4 

    Removes a pathgroup definition. (A pathgroup explicitly defines alternate paths to the same disk.) Once a pathgroup has been removed, all paths that were defined in that pathgroup become visible again. 

    Option 5 

    Enables multipathing for all disks that have paths through the specified controller. 

    Option 6 

    Enables multipathing for specified paths. 

    Option 7 

    Enables multipathing for disks that match a specified Vendor ID and Product ID. 

    Option 8 

    Lists the devices that are currently suppressed or not multipathed.