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About Veritas Volume Manager

VeritasTM Volume Manager (VxVM) by Symantec is a storage management subsystem that allows you to manage physical disks as logical devices called volumes. A VxVM volume appears to applications and the operating system as a physical disk partition device on which file systems, databases and other managed data objects can be configured.

VxVM provides easy-to-use online disk storage management for computing environments and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments. By supporting the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) model, VxVM can be configured to protect against disk and hardware failure, and to increase I/O throughput. Additionally, VxVM provides features that enhance fault tolerance and fast recovery from disk failure.

VxVM overcomes physical restrictions imposed by hardware disk devices by providing a logical volume management layer. This allows volumes to span multiple disks.

VxVM provides the tools to improve performance and ensure data availability and integrity. You can also use VxVM to dynamically configure disk storage while the system is active.

Further information on administering Veritas Volume Manager may be found in the following documents: