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Detaching plexes

To temporarily detach one data plex in a mirrored volume, use the following command:

# vxplex [-g diskgroup] det plex

For example, to temporarily detach a plex named vol01-02 in the disk group, mydg, and place it in maintenance mode, use the following command:

# vxplex -g mydg det vol01-02

This command temporarily detaches the plex, but maintains the association between the plex and its volume. However, the plex is not used for I/O. A plex detached with the preceding command is recovered at system reboot. The plex state is set to STALE, so that if a vxvol start command is run on the appropriate volume (for example, on system reboot), the contents of the plex is recovered and made ACTIVE.

When the plex is ready to return as an active part of its volume, it can be reattached to the volume.

See "Reattaching plexes" on page 240.