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Growing and shrinking a cache

You can use the vxcache command to increase the size of the cache volume that is associated with a cache object:

# vxcache [-g diskgroup] growcacheto cache_object size

For example, to increase the size of the cache volume associated with the cache object, mycache, to 2GB, you would use the following command:

# vxcache -g mydg growcacheto mycache 2g

To grow a cache by a specified amount, use the following form of the command shown here:

# vxcache [-g diskgroup] growcacheby cache_object size

For example, the following command increases the size of mycache by 1GB:

# vxcache -g mydg growcacheby mycache 1g

You can similarly use the shrinkcacheby and shrinkcacheto operations to reduce the size of a cache.

See the vxcache(1M) manual page.