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Removing a cache

 To remove a cache completely, including the cache object, its cache volume and all space-optimized snapshots that use the cache

  1. Run the following command to find out the names of the top-level snapshot volumes that are configured on the cache object:

    # vxprint -g diskgroup -vne \

      "v_plex.pl_subdisk.sd_dm_name ~ /cache_object/"

    where cache_object is the name of the cache object.

  2. Remove all the top-level snapshots and their dependent snapshots (this can be done with a single command):

    # vxedit -g diskgroup -r rm snapvol ...

    where snapvol is the name of a top-level snapshot volume.

  3. Stop the cache object:

    # vxcache -g diskgroup stop cache_object

  4. Finally, remove the cache object and its cache volume:

    # vxedit -g diskgroup -r rm cache_object