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Creating multiple snapshots

To make it easier to create snapshots of several volumes at the same time, the snapshot option accepts more than one volume name as its argument, for example:

# vxassist [-g diskgroup] snapshot volume1 volume2 ...

By default, the first snapshot volume is named SNAP-volume, and each subsequent snapshot is named SNAPnumber-volume, where number is a unique serial number, and volume is the name of the volume for which the snapshot is being taken. This default pattern can be overridden by using the option -o name=pattern, as described on the vxassist(1M) manual page. For example, the pattern SNAP%v-%d reverses the order of the number and volume components in the name.

To snapshot all the volumes in a single disk group, specify the option -o allvols to vxassist:

# vxassist -g diskgroup -o allvols snapshot

This operation requires that all snapstart operations are complete on the volumes. It fails if any of the volumes in the disk group do not have a complete snapshot plex in the SNAPDONE state.