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Removing a version 0 DCO and DCO volume

To dissociate a version 0 DCO object, DCO volume and any snap objects from a volume, use the following command:

# vxassist [-g diskgroup] remove log volume logtype=dco

This completely removes the DCO object, DCO volume and any snap objects. It also has the effect of disabling FastResync for the volume.

Alternatively, you can use the vxdco command to the same effect:

# vxdco [-g diskgroup] [-o rm] dis dco_obj

The default name of the DCO object, dco_obj, for a volume is usually formed by appending the string _dco to the name of the parent volume. To find out the name of the associated DCO object, use the vxprint command on the volume.

To dissociate, but not remove, the DCO object, DCO volume and any snap objects from the volume, myvol, in the disk group, mydg, use the following command:

# vxdco -g mydg dis myvol_dco

This form of the command dissociates the DCO object from the volume but does not destroy it or the DCO volume. If the -o rm option is specified, the DCO object, DCO volume and its plexes, and any snap objects are also removed.

Warning: Dissociating a DCO and DCO volume disables Persistent FastResync on the volume. A full resynchronization of any remaining snapshots is required when they are snapped back.

See the vxassist(1M) manual page.

See the vxdco(1M) manual pages.