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Displaying rule attributes and their default values

To see the attributes that are available for a given rule, use the list keyword. In the following example, the single attribute, mirror_threshold, is shown for the rule vxse_drl1:

# vxse_drl1 list

VxVM vxse:vxse_drl1 INFO V-5-1-6004

vxse_drl1 - TUNEABLES default values


mirror_threshold - large mirror threshold size

Warn if a mirror is of greater

than this size and does not have

an attached DRL log.

To see the default values of a specified rule's attributes, use the check keyword as shown here:

# vxse_stripes2 check

vxse_stripes2 - TUNEABLES


VxVM vxse:vxse_stripes2 INFO V-5-1-5546

too_wide_stripe - (16) columns in a striped volume

too_narrow_stripe - (3) columns in a striped volume

Storage Expert lists the default value of each of the rule's attributes.

See "Rule definitions and attributes" on page 456.

To alter the behavior of rules, you can change the value of their attributes.

See "Setting rule attributes" on page 448.