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Creating subdisks

Use the vxmake command to create VxVM objects, such as subdisks:

# vxmake [-g diskgroup] sd subdisk diskname,offset,length

where subdisk is the name of the subdisk, diskname is the disk name, offset is the starting point (offset) of the subdisk within the disk, and length is the length of the subdisk.

For example, to create a subdisk named mydg02-01 in the disk group, mydg, that starts at the beginning of disk mydg02 and has a length of 8000 sectors, use the following command:

# vxmake -g mydg sd mydg02-01 mydg02,0,8000

  Note   As for all VxVM commands, the default size unit is s, representing a sector. Add a suffix, such as k for kilobyte, m for megabyte or g for gigabyte, to change the unit of size. For example, 500m would represent 500 megabytes.

If you intend to use the new subdisk to build a volume, you must associate the subdisk with a plex.

See "Associating subdisks with plexes" on page 228.

Subdisks for all plex layouts (concatenated, striped, RAID-5) are created the same way.