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Specifying a non-default layout

You can specify one or more relayout options to change the default layout configuration. The following are examples of using these options:


Specifies the number of columns. 


Specifies the number of columns to add. 


Specifies the number of colums to remove. 


Specifies the stripe width. 

See the vxassist(1M) manual page.

The following are some examples of using vxassist to change the stripe width and number of columns for a striped volume in the disk group dbaseg:

# vxassist -g dbaseg relayout vol03 stripeunit=64k ncol=6

# vxassist -g dbaseg relayout vol03 ncol=+2

# vxassist -g dbaseg relayout vol03 stripeunit=128k

The next example changes a concatenated volume to a RAID-5 volume with four columns:

# vxassist -g fsgrp relayout vol04 layout=raid5 ncol=4