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Converting between layered and non-layered volumes

The vxassist convert command transforms volume layouts between layered and non-layered forms:

# vxassist [-b] [-g diskgroup] convert volume [layout=layout] \


If specified, the -b option makes conversion of the volume a background task.

The following conversion layouts are supported:


Mirrored-stripe to striped-mirror. 


Striped-mirror to mirrored-stripe. 


Mirrored-concatenated to concatenated-mirror. 


Concatenated-mirror to mirrored-concatenated. 

Volume conversion can be used before or after performing online relayout to achieve a larger number of transformations than would otherwise be possible. During relayout process, a volume may also be converted into a layout that is intermediate to the one that is desired. For example, to convert a volume from a 4-column mirrored-stripe to a 5-column mirrored-stripe, first use vxassist relayout to convert the volume to a 5-column striped-mirror as shown here:

# vxassist -g mydg relayout vol1 ncol=5

When the relayout has completed, use the vxassist convert command to change the resulting layered striped-mirror volume to a non-layered mirrored-stripe:

# vxassist -g mydg convert vol1 layout=mirror-stripe

  Note   If the system crashes during relayout or conversion, the process continues when the system is rebooted. However, if the crash occurred during the first stage of a two-stage relayout and convert operation, only the first stage will be completed. You must run vxassist convert manually to complete the operation.