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Extending a file system using fsadm

If a VxFS file system is not large enough, you can increase its size. The size of the file system is specified in units of 512-byte blocks (or sectors).

  Note   If a file system is full, busy, or too fragmented,  the resize operation may fail.

The device must have enough space to contain the larger file system.

See the format(1M) manual page.

See the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide.

 To extend a VxFS file system

/usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm [-b newsize] [-r rawdev] \



The size (in sectors) to which the file system will increase.


The file system's mount point.

-r rawdev

Specifies the path name of the raw device if there is no entry in /etc/vfstab and fsadm cannot determine the raw device.

Example of extending a file system

The following is an example of extending a file system with the fsadm command.

 To extend a file system

# fsadm -b 22528 /ext