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When to convert a file system

When moving a file system between two systems, it is essential to run the fscdsconv command to perform all of the file system migration tasks. The fscdsconv command validates the file system to ensure that it does not exceed any of the established CDS limits on the target, and converts the byte order of the file system if the byte order of the target is opposite to that of the current system.

Warning: Prior to VxFS 4.0 and disk layout Version 6, VxFS did not officially support moving file systems between different platforms, although in many cases a user may have successfully done so. Do not move file systems between platforms when using versions of VxFS prior to Version 4, or when using disk layouts earlier than Version 6. Instead, upgrade to VxFS 4.0 or higher, and disk layout Version 6 or later. Failure to upgrade before performing cross-platform movement can result in data loss or data corruption.