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CDS disk access and format

For a disk to be accessible by multiple platforms, the disk must be consistently recognized by the platforms, and all platforms must be capable of performing I/O on the disk. CDS disks contain specific content at specific locations to identify or control access to the disk on different platforms. The same content and location are used on all CDS disks, independent of the platform on which the disks are initialized.

In order for a disk to be initialized as, or converted to a CDS disk, it must satisfy the following requirements:

The CDS conversion utility, vxcdsconvert, is provided to convert non-CDS VM disk formats to CDS disks, and disk groups with a version number less than 110 to disk groups that support CDS disks.

See "Converting non-CDS disks to CDS disks" on page 21.

  Note   Disk groups with version numbers less than 110 are not supported for the Solaris OS on the x64 platform.