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Converting non-CDS disks to CDS disks

 To convert non-CDS disks to CDS disks

  Note   The disks must be of type of auto in order to be re-initialized as CDS disks.

  1. If the conversion is not going to performed on-line (that is, while access to the disk group continues), stop any applications that are accessing the disks.
  2. Type one of the following forms of the CDS conversion utility (vxcdsconvert) to convert non-CDS disks to CDS disks.

    # vxcdsconvert -g diskgroup [-A] [-d defaults_file] \

      [-o novolstop] disk name [attribute=value] ...

    # vxcdsconvert -g diskgroup [-A] [-d defaults_file] \

      [-o novolstop] alldisks [attribute=value] ...

The alldisks and disk keywords have the following effect


Converts all non-CDS disks in the disk group into CDS disks. 


Specifies a single disk for conversion. You would use this option under the following circumstances: 

  • If a disk in the non-CDS disk group has cross-platform exposure, you may want other VxVM nodes to recognize the disk, but not to assume that it is available for initialization.
  • If LVM running on AIX or HP-UX nodes need to recognize CDS disks, but they should not attempt to initialize or manage them.
  • Your intention is to move the disk into an existing CDS disk group.

The conversion involves evacuating objects from the disk, reinitializing the disk, and relocating objects back to disk. You can specify the -o novolstop option to perform the conversion on-line (that is, while access to the disk continues). If the -o novolstop option is not specified, stop any applications that are accessing the disks, and perform the conversion off-line.

Warning: Specifying the -o novolstop option can greatly increase the amount of time that is required to perform conversion.

Before you use the vxcdsconvert command, make sure you understand its options, attributes, and keywords.

See the vxcdsconvert(1M) manual page.