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Changing the DRL map and log size

If DRL is enabled on a newly-created volume without specifying a log or map size, default values are used. You can use the command line attributes logmap_len and loglen in conjunction with the vxassist, vxvol, and vxmake commands to set the DRL map and DRL log sizes. The attributes can be used independently, or they can be combined.

You can change the DRL map size and DRL log size only when the volume is disabled and the DRL maps are not in use. Changes can be made to the DRL map size only for volumes in a CDS disk group.

The logmap_len attribute specifies the required size, in bytes, for the DRL log. It cannot be greater than the number of bytes available in the map on the disk.

 To change the DRL map and log size

Note the following restrictions

If only logmap_len is specified 

The DRL log size is set to the default value (33 * disk group alignment).  

If logmap_len is greater than (DRL log size)/2 

The command fails, and you need to either provide a sufficiently large loglen value or reduce logmap_len

For CDS disk groups 

The DRL map and log sizes are set to a minimum of 2 * (disk group alignment).